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Our Services.

Flex-kote specializes in interior and exterior architectural products, specifically; aluminum extrusions, lighting, aluminum siding, curtain walls, ceiling panels. However, we also serve other markets such as industrial applications, electrical, telecom, furniture, transportation, aeronautical, automotive.


We sit down with you and develop the full lifecycle of your project.

Powder Coating

We can provide a wide choice of colours and texture coating options.

Deliver on time

We provide specific packaging for each individual parts, so they are protected properly during transport. We can also warehouse for our clients.

Process .

Flex-kote provides a five-step process from choosing your coatings, planning & testing, quality control, pre-treatment, powder coating, curing and the packaging and fulfillment of your project.

Our Story.

We have been in the powder coating industry for about 15 years. We have recently finished renovating our 15000 square foot paint line with automated paint guns. Now we can offer our customers very competitive pricing impeccable quality and service. This gives us the ability to turn around projects in about 2 to 3 business days.

Resources .

A useful resources for OEMs and Architectural Planners for learning about a variety of applications for Powder Coating.

    Testimonial .

    • We needed help with powder coating and were having trouble with a previous company that was delivering our products with inconsistent color, and the odd piece had scratches.
      I was initially concerned about choosing flex-kote because they were in the middle of renovating their facility and I was not sure if they could keep up with the large volume of work we required.
      What I found was they sat with us and planned out an initial test run to assure the quality standards we were looking for.
      The results that I got were beyond my expectations, and the test resulted in a large initial run of our extruded aluminum lighting pieces. Flex-kote not only delivered the job before the deadline they warehoused and packaged all of our pieces and worked with us to allow to have a fulfillment manager on site to handle our deliveries.
      I particularly liked that they took the extra time to inspect every piece before pre-treatment and after the powder coating process before they packaged it. And this is where the previous company fell short.
      I would recommend flex-kote to anyone looking for consistent quality and attention to every detail of the powder coating process for their clients.

      Jacques Monarch
    • We were having trouble finding a powder coating company in Montreal that could handle the volume of work we needed to be done at a production level. Most of the powder coaters were smaller companies doing powder coating piece by piece with staff doing the powder coating.
      When we sat down with Flex-kote they were not only able to automate the powder coating process for us they help us to plan the projects and were able to calculate how much production could be done per day. It ended up being 8x faster than those other companies who bid on the project, and it ended up saving us thousands on each project in labor costs.
      Flex-kote was able to perfectly match the colors and finish we were looking for and help us handle the large throughput of work we needed to be done in a timely fashion.
      I would highly recommend flex-kote to anyone looking for a great quality and a quick turnaround time.

      Sabastien Garneau
    • We were struggling to find a reliable powder coating company in Montreal. The projects were always late, and there were issues of flash rusting and small holes in the finish. In some of the welds, the paint would pull away from the weld.

      Flex-kote sat down with us and reviewed all of the technical issues and addressed each one with a short test run of each problem we were having. Once they had solved all of our previous problems, this proved to us that the right preparation makes all the difference.

      Our confidence went way up from there, and we signed a contract with flex-kote to do all of our extrusion materials, and we could not be happier with the outstanding results.

      Dominique Lafleur

    Our Powder Coating Solution is designed to fit the unique needs of our customers

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    • 9031 Milton Ave., Montreal, QC, H4X 2H1
    • For Technical, Production, or Shipping support, please contact:
    • davidm@flexkote.ca
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    • robert@flexkote.ca
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    • For Inquiries and Accounting, Financial or Administration, please contact:
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